Image consultant creative turns artistic

Creative Turns Artistic

Before / After Case Study:


This petite woman is a very talented professional calligrapher. She used to love her billowy, flowing hippie clothes. Skirts to the floor were her modus operandi and she did not know which colors were good for her or that the petite department had clothes that would fit her best.


She now wears clothing that fits, not uncomfortably tight but the new size actually skims her body shape. She also looks slimmer and taller in shorter hemlines. She is still able to express her artistic nature by choosing clothes with interesting artsy detailing and multiple colors that work with her complexion.

What My Client Said:

“Kathi was my personal shopper, I met her in a private dressing room and everything had been pre-selected for me, shoes laid out, clothes coordinated… It was wonderful just putting things on and having her tell me if it worked or not.

I am not that good with clothes so it made it very easy for me to see what worked and didn’t. I now have a better idea of my image and the image I want to project. I feel like I can choose clothes better now.

The best thing about my closet is that I don’t have anything ugly to wear in there so I don’t have anything ugly to choose from!”

“Today I wore Paul Green brown sandals, Chico’s brown pants, and 3/4 sleeve brown t-shirt w/ beads (thinking, gee, this fits kinda tight). Co-worker said I looked thinner. Aha! See, you’re right!!!!! Score 1 for Kathi!!”

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