Mommy Tips for Surviving Teenage Schedules

Teens going out

This one is from Maria Bailey of Blue Suit Mom fame and BSM Media. I love it!

If one of her four (God bless her!) teenagers want to go somewhere or do something, they have to answer these questions:

Who are they going with?

What will they do?

How will they get there?

Where will they be?

When will they be home?

Over the years she has had to abridge these rules a bit. Now her teenagers have to write it down on an index card before they ask. If their wish is granted, the card goes on the fridge for the duration of the event. When they call at 9 pm saying they will be late, she no longer has to hear, Mom, I said 10 pm since it is in print!

Another addendum to the rules is, no changes to the agreement once the wheels of the car are in motion. Savvy parenting, go Maria!

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