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addSpace receives the Best of Encinitas Award!

(prREACH) January 11, 2014 — addSpace to Your Life! a professional organizing and image consultancy has been selected for the 2013 Best of Encinitas Award in Professional Organizers category by the Encinitas Award Program.  Each year, the Encinitas Award Program identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category.

These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and their community. These exceptional companies help make the Encinitas area a great place to live, work and play.  The Best of Encinitas Award Program was created to honor and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of businesses and organizations in and around Encinitas. Their mission is to raise the profile of exemplary companies and entrepreneurs among the press, the business community, and the general public. Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category.

The 2013 Encinitas Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Encinitas Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About Award Winner Kathi Burns:
Kathi Burns, CPO is a Certified Professional Organizer, Image Consultant, Speaker, Trainer & the Author of How To Master Your Muck. As the founder of . . .

Read more by clicking this link


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Learn Muck Mastering Skills at the Carlsbad Chamber Networking Event Aug 3rd 7-9 am

Learn Muck Mastering Skills

Are you bogged down by paper piles and clutter, a stuffed email inbox or other bad habits? Then join us on August 5 for our next First Friday Breakfast, which will feature professional organizer Kathi Burns, founder of add Space To Your Life, and the writer (more…)

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Add Space To Your Nose, Master Your Health and Clear Your Sinuses!

If you suffer regularly from sinus related issues, you might want to consider adding space to your nose to become the master of your allergies. Needless to say, most or none of you have ever heard this advice before and you might be wondering what I am talking about.

Many, many moons ago I had the good fortune to learn about using a neti pot to clear away my allergies. At the time, it sounded a bit radical. Actually pouring salt water through my nostrils – eeeew!

I had severe allergies when I was an infant and had been sneezing myself awake every morning for most of my life. The lovely allergy grid test with 90 allergens tested in squares on my back showed that I was allergic to 45! I often joked that actually I was really allergic to mornings. So after hearing that neti pots had been used in India for over 500 years, I decided what the heck, I’ll give it a try.

I’ll admit, pouring water through my nose on each side at first seemed a bit crazy and definitely scary. After all, couldn’t I accidentally drown in the process? Immediately after my first pot of salt water, my sneezing stopped and I was hooked. Flash forward 20 years and my neti pot still lives in the shower and anytime I feel a bit sniffily, I pour a pot or two through and oil – instant clear breathing.

Now as a neti pot evangelist, I advise all of my clients to purchase one, even if they don’t have allergies. You see, your nose is your gateway to health. Most common colds are not colds, simply infected sinus cavities. If you live around children, the best prevention you can do, in my humble opinion is to use a neti every morning. This will ward off any cooties your kids bring home. Children can also learn to use these magic pots.

As a Professional Organizer, I find myself working in client homes and offices. I see what their environment is doing to them and how it might be working against them. Not only do I add space to their life, I also let them know how they can add space to their nose and be healthier during the process. After all, in my profession I tend to kick up a lot of dust! Many of my client’s kids now use a neti pot on a regular basis and suffer far less colds and flues than their peers. As an avid user, I might also add Echinacea or Xylitol to ward off the flu or colds when I feel them trying to niggle their way into my body.

I am not a doctor, merely a humble Professional Organizer and Image Consultant. Feel free to Google and check out the neti research for yourself or simply try one out. They are very inexpensive and now, thanks to Betti Neti, they come in a lovely assortment of colors. Up until the Betti Neti line of pots came onto the market, I had only one choice of color, white! Besides being eco-friendly (endorsed by The Surfrider Foundaion) I also like the Betti design with indentations on the sides for a sure grip if the handle does not accommodate large hands (like my husbands)!

Overall, to date, the Betti Neti is my favorite pot and I send everyone to their website. Great job with their bio-friendly mother earth attitude and innovative colors!




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The Rebecca Review: How To Master Your Muck is Essential Reading for Business Owners

Innovative Ideas for Immediate Results

“How to Master Your Muck” is essential reading for anyone who owns a business or who works from home and has an office that needs (more…)

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Organize and Optimize Your Business ~ Featured by the SBDC & San Marcos Chamber of Commerce

12@12 Luncheon

Date: June 22, 2011 Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Event Description This one hour program will help you organize your business and optimize your time using tips and tricks presented by professional organizer Kathi Burns.

Kathi is a Board Certified Professional Organizer  and the founder of addSpace To Your Life!

This learning session is free to the public with sandwiches provided by Jersey Mikes.

12@12 is an ongoing program sponsored by the California Small Business Development Center.

Event Location: San Marcos Chamber of Commerce
904 W. San Marcos Blvd., Suite 10
San Marcos, CA  92078
(760)  744-1270


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Kathi Burns, CPO® and other Professional Organizing industry experts featured at NAPO National Conference

Kathi Burns, CPO® is  one of the featured experts on the popular “Ask The Organizers” panel this year at the NAPO National Conference.



Click here for more details and to register. If you are currently considering entering this profession, this is a great way to get started and a rare and golden opportunity especially if you live in the Southern California area!

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If you file it away, you can find it someday


By Marni Jameson / Special to The Seattle Times

If you file it away, you can find it someday.

“Mom, I need my birth certificate” — triggered the lost weekend. The minute my 15-year-old finished driver’s education, that paper…

“Although computers have helped cut down what we need to file, we will always have papers to deal with,” says Kathi Burns, professional organizer and paper-flow expert.
Enlarge this photo

“Although computers have helped cut down what we need to file, we will always have papers to deal with,” says Kathi Burns, professional organizer and paper-flow expert.

The simple request — “Mom, I need my birth certificate” — triggered the lost weekend. The minute my 15-year-old finished driver’s education, that paper was all that stood between her and her driver’s permit. (Please send any Valium prescriptions you’re not using.)

“Your birth certificate?” I repeat, stalling because thinking about where it might be hurts.

“As in proof I was born,” she says, her tone implying I have the IQ of a flatworm.

My brain rewinds years, to a time before car seats, tooth fairies, 2 a.m. calls to pediatricians and endless drives among Brownies, ballet and barns, and tries to recall where in the universe I stuck that little piece of paper that said I now possessed a live birth that would entangle me in more ways than I could imagine for the rest of my life.

“OK, but you have to help.”

She follows me to the garage. “My birth certificate’s in the garage?”

“It’s not personal. Mine should be in here, too. Somewhere.”

I scan the crammed garage, where the file cabinet landed on moving day five years ago, and has since been buried so deeply we need an archaeologist. “There,” I point.


Between us and a two-drawer lateral file lie two bikes, a broken lawn mower, an air compressor, a scooter, four pairs of skis, a set of crutches and a bale of hay. We unearth the cabinet to find it’s locked. “Swell,” I say, “finding Osama bin Laden would be easier than finding the key.”

“I bet other families don’t live this way.”

“I guarantee you, parents of 15-year-olds all over are going through the same thing.”

I spy a sledgehammer.

“Stand back.” I swing it like a wrecking ball into the cabinet’s locked face. It feels good. The lock smashes open. The top drawer rolls out exposing my past: long-expired insurance policies, failed investments, projects from three careers ago, unfinished novels, old résumés, and other papers I once thought important. “Taa-daa!” I pull out a dog-eared file that says “Birth Certificates” and feel something like redemption.

However, the moment forces me to face not only the awful condition of my personal records, but also of my office files. I then do what I always do when facing a domestic crisis: shop! This time I bring home an ugly, four-drawer, upright filing cabinet in vanilla metal.

In my office, I dump contents from all cupboards onto the floor, five years’ worth of resources and articles in every stage of revision and print. After a weekend of sorting and wrecking my nails, I fill four recycle bins, and feel that cleaned-out feeling you get after the stomach flu. I then realize: Unless I want to go through this again (never!), my habits must change.

I call Kathi Burns, owner of addspacetoyourlife.com and a San Diego-based paper-flow expert. I start by whining: “But filing takes so much time!”

“Not filing burns a lot more time,” she says.

“So you think I need to convert?”

“You think you should have to move a lawn mower to get to your birth certificate?”

As we talk, I learn ways to thin my files even more.

“People think when they throw something away, it negates their past. That just isn’t true,” she says, offering these filing tips:

Know your papers. Every paper falls into one of five categories: action (stuff to deal with soon), research and reference (stuff you’ll need later), agreements (insurance policies, contracts), tax-related stuff (receipts, W-2s, returns) and permanent records (birth and marriage certificates; education, medical and property records). Some people use color-coded files for each category, which seems neurotic. I divided categories by file drawer and location.

Create AAA filing systems. Active files for home and work go on your desk. Consider a small, space-saving vertical file. At Hand files of often-needed reference should be in easy reach. Archive files can go in a closet or basement.

Remove and replace. When the new versions of certain documents — insurance policies and Social Security and investment statements — arrive, toss the old.

Thin it. I’m a magazine junkie. Some I plan to read; others contain articles I’ve written. Burns lightened my life with this advice: Tear off the cover, tear out the article you want to save, toss the magazine. Wow. My magazine stack shrunk by 98 percent.

Trust technology. Old habits compelled me to keep a hard copy of stuff stored on my computer. But if you have a good backup system, you’re covered. Really.

Ask before you hoard. When tempted to save an article or brochure, ask whether you could easily find more current information online later. If so, let go.

Bust paper before it gets in. Open mail over the trash. Shred credit-card offers, pay stubs and other sensitive documents. File what matters. “Don’t shove papers in a ‘To File’ file,” says Burns. “That’s as bad as a ‘Miscellaneous’ file.”

Syndicated columnist Marni Jameson is the author of “The House Always Wins” (Da Capo), available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You may contact her through www.marnijameson.com.


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Tips for What to Let Go and What to Keep on CBS Tampa Bay News


I was invited to appear on CBS 10Connects News last year  as part of my Florida book tour. Here are a few tips from the news segment:

Hoarding is muck taken to the extreme. This is what I, as a Professional Organizer, have seen over the past 6 years and what has led me to write my new book How to Master Your Muck.

In my book How to Master Your Muck, this is how I address muck situations.

Like everyone else. I went through a period in my life where I had a lot of muck. Everyone has some type of muck in their life, even the most organized.

What is muck?

Anything that makes you feel stuck, unproductive or overwhelmed. Also:

  1. Any old habits that no longer serve you
  2. An over booked schedule
  3. A closet that is too full to close the doors
  4. Uncompleted projects

To help move forward it always help to let go of some of your possessions. It add space and automatically brings clarity to your situation.

How to Master Your Muck Tips for What to Let Go:

  1. The item no longer serves a purpose in your current life
  2. There is not enough room or space to store it
  3. It requires more energy to keep than it gives

How to Master Your Muck Tips for What to Keep:

  1. It serves a purpose
  2. You have space to store it
  3. You enjoy looking at it and it makes you happy

Why Master the Muck in Your Life?

  1. It makes you feel good
  2. Provides a sense of accomplishment
  3. It allows you to live your purpose
  4. It will pave the way to more prosperity


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Organize For a Stress-Free Holiday

Once again the holidays are upon us. Planning a party or a family get together in honor of the season? Keeping organized is crucial to keeping your holiday-stress-o-meter in the ‘calm zone.’ A few simple tips can keep you from burning out and help you plan a fun get together that is virtually stress free. (more…)

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Organizing Your Kitchen – Plus Fox 5 News Segment 3 of 3

Kitchen Organizing

Even the most ideal kitchens have their share of problems when it comes to organizing and optimizing the work space. There is always at least one problem to solve when creating the perfect storage system for your kitchen. Sometimes you have more drawers than shelves and nowhere to store large appliances. Other kitchens feature massive amounts of shelving with little or no drawer storage.

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