The Quest for the Perfect Little Black Dress


Everyone needs one perfect little black dress. It is one of my 18 Essential Wardrobe Elements. This client wanted to reinvent her style. Many of my clients request the same shift after they have been out of school and in the work force for a few years.


Amazingly, this job was not a challenge at all! I was searching specifically for 40’s inspired pieces and was lucky enough to find several with little effort. That will probably never so easily again, but sometimes the stars align perfectly with my desires!


This client looks and feels great in classic vintage inspired clothes. The lines are a perfect fit for her body and her personality. As you can see with this dress, it is ultra feminine and very flattering. It is so unique and form-fitting, it should be couture! We also found beautiful cardigans with interesting beadwork, lacy camisoles and peep-toe pumps to reinforce her new style throughout her entire wardrobe.

We even found this simple and stunning ivory satin dress below which later became her wedding gown!

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One Response to The Quest for the Perfect Little Black Dress

  1. Wow, she does look great!! Image is such an important factor in how we feel about ourselves and how we interact with others. The dresses pictured are certainly flattering and unique! Love it!

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