Before / After Case Study:

bedroom organization

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This bedroom had been thrown together after moving in and never reorganized. Before addSpace arrived items were frequently added to the large shelf without thought and the closets were underutilized. We decided to give it our full attention and turn the entire bedroom into a refuge.

After removing the items that did not belong in the bedroom, we created groupings of objects on the large shelf. The most treasured books were kept on the bottom shelf and the others moved out to the living room.

The bed and carpet was turned 90 degrees so that there was room to move around the room. Panels of colored fabric were added to the windows and walls to create a more relaxing environment.

The dresser was moved and reconfigured with an additional shelf from another part of the house. We used a small open shelf to keep sweaters within arms reach. The closet was reconfigured and after reorganizing, all of the clothes fit inside with room to spare!

What Our Clients Say:
“Kathi and I listened and communicated well with one each other. We
combined our ideas, and she came up with many things I hadn’t even thought of.”

R P San Diego