Blue in all hues. Everyone can wear blue

Choose the hue that works for you: bright blue, clear blue, turquoise blue, and dark blue.



All shades are hot but the deeper shades are more current.


Jewel tone emerald is this season’s pick.


Tomato red this fall, perfect for summer complexions. For other season coloring: Strong warm colors of orange and yellow will also be available. The hue of red you select is key. If you look best in cool colors, try one of the pink reds or a purple red, instead of an orangey red.


soft florals, ruffles and velvets.
It’s all about ruffles and pleating and bows. Wear it well by adding structure—straight-leg pants, a pencil skirt or a coat with clean lines.

Military Coats:

Try to keep them classic and with no more than 5-6 pockets.


include skinny belt again! 1 or 2 inches wide for a more figure-friendly look. Skinny belt Is great for larger frames, wear on the skinniest part of your torso.

Large Bags:

Against a backdrop of soft, romantic clothing, the best new handbags add structure and texture to the mix without losing their femininity.


Try one of the shaped wool hats in face-flattering shapes like the fedora and wide-brimmed looks.


Bold plaids and checks work great for wraps, coats, jackets and scarves when paired with a solid, dark color bottom. You won’t need to accessorize a big plaid — the print takes center stage.


The menswear vest — whether worn open over a floral print– or buttoned up is a great layered look that anyone can wear.

Monochromatic vests and shirts are chic and slimming; hip-length vests or shorter can be worn unbuttoned over everything from floaty prints to sweaters. For a very chic new look, try an unbuttoned vest belted with a skinny belt.

Statement Necklace:

Go long and bold over chunky knits, scale the pendant down to wear in open necklines. Look for everything from bold plastic shapes (chain, oval, etc.) to metal pieces to classic pearls.


Soft bow blouses are one of fall’s biggest trends and you’ll love how they work under jackets, cardigans and vests.

Long skirts:

They’re an option that’s possibly warmer—and definitely more flattering—than leggings.


All metals are celebrated—gold, silver, bronze, hematite, copper and mercury too. They’re even combined. Take your pick.

Have fun this fall and remember: if you are a spring or a summer complexion, take this opportunity to pick up a new navy suit! You don’t have to wait until January this year.

If you would like some help finding that perfect fall or special occasion dress, feel free to call me at 760.840.9997.

There really is a perfect little black dress for every figure!