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This is one of my favorite and youngest clients. She has the tendency to get overwhelmed by her clutter and become unable to sort through the mess on her own. She also has a self-admitted stuffed animal issue, meaning she has tooooo many!

We managed to donate over 4 large bags of her beloved animals to the Police Department for the Sheriffs to keep in their car trunks and give to kids in distress. My client is now working her way toward living a clutter-free life and has told me that empty space is a good thing. How can you not love that? Add Space!


“If people ever have a stuffed animal problem and need somebody to help them, I think Kathi is a good choice because she won’t let you make lame excuses. I used to think there was no such thing as too many and now I know that if you have over 100, you should really try to stop. It’s kind of like chocolate, it is hard to stop.”

LR San Diego