Laundry room before

Situation: This laundry room also served as a craft room. The previous owner had designed a built-in work space with cabinets but there were too many items to fit inside the area until they were better organized.

Challenge: There were multiple crafts projects underway at the same time. The owner had a part-time business selling her knitted and sewn products. She also had many other fun crafts underway including card making, scrapbooking, jewelry making and more.

Solution: We had to decide which projects would take priority. The parts that included the client’s business projects took the easy-to-access space. The drawers by the counter contained pre-cut fabrics, threads, knitting instruments.


All other crafts were organized into bins and stored in the large floor to ceiling cabinet off to the side. We arranged the crafts bins from high to low based on frequency of use.