Before / After Case Study:


Decorations for Christmas were stored in mismatched boxes and many loose bags. The attic was pretty large but was being overwhelmed by simply too many loose items. It also took many trips up and down the ladder to move Christmas into the home for display.


We opened up every box and repackaged all loose ornaments into clear bins with red/green lids Eliminating each individual ornament box saved a massive amount of storage space. We threw away three large green trash bags filled with individual boxes. This will save my client hours when she puts away the ornaments for years to come. She will no longer have to repackage individual ornaments and can simply mix them into the peanuts for safekeeping until next year.

Following this strategy, we also combined like with like, stockings with stockings, and other loose items together into bins. We purged items that hadn’t been on display for years or those that were simply no longer needed.

We also made a plastic bin for each child’s special ornaments. This way, they can decorate the tree with their own ornaments each year and when they move away, their ornaments are separated and ready to go.

What Our Clients Say:

“My decorations now take up as less space than they have in years. I am really excited about setting things up this year now that I know what I have. I like having everything setting out and ready to go. I am happy to take my stocking hangars out of their individual boxes for the last time this year and am looking forward to putting them instead into a plastic bin. I can’t believe that I didn’t think about getting rid of the manufacturers boxes for my decorations before now. This will save me hours repacking “

Thanks again, Katy Philyaw