Before / After Case Study:


Our client had rented a storage unit for years. She was paying monthly to store holiday décor and furniture for relatives since she did not have the storage space in her home.


We finished a spare attic in the garage by adding plywood floors, installing a light and moving the air conditioning duct off to the side.

Our goal was to keep only the amount of plastic tubs that could fit into the new attic. We purged the excess decorations and donated many to her son’s school for their annual Halloween carnival. We also donated many other items to charity. The furniture found it’s way to the rightful owner and/or was taken to a consignment store.

In the end, everything fit into the attic with room to spare for additional tubs of “memories” and seasonal sporting equipment.

What Our Clients Say:

“I feel like a burden has been lifted now that I have gotten rid of all of the excess. It feels good to know that my “out of control holiday shopping” has gone to a good cause, my school and others less fortunate.

Accomplishing this has freed up so much in my life. I no longer look at the holidays with terror anymore. I used to have to get three days of really good sleep and get emotionally geared up to decorate. I always felt obligated to put everything up and it would take me two weeks to decorate. I was exhausted by the time I was finished.

When I think about it now, it really was gross that I had so much investment in storage. I have spent between $350-450 every month for the past 7-8 years. I also had to pay to move things back and forth from storage each year. Now I believe that I will never get into a storage unit again. Storage creates a big burden, you are paying for it and there really is no practical use for it.

Another thing about storage was that I couldn’t appreciate all of my beautiful things. The more I collected and owned, the more work it was and the less time I had to enjoy life. I now realize that those beautiful things cost me so much money over the years that I could have paid for them several times over.

Now I have plenty of time to actually enjoy the holidays. I am more relaxed this season than I have been in years. When I put out the holiday décor it was so fast that it was incredibly liberating. Everything that I have on display are things that I love and mean something special to my family. I have just enough items to make my home beautiful.

The money I spent with addSpace To Your Life! will easily pay for itself in less than half a year of storage fees. If I had not hired Kathi, I probably would have kept the storage unit for decades and eventually increased the size which would have increased my monthly bill again.”

Thank you, Debara Watanabe