Bathroom cabinets are often a black hole where items go in and never come back out. The under the sink cabinet is the most treacherous of these areas and appears to not have enough space for even the smallest items. Never fear. There are some tried and true products that I use over and over again to tame these small cabinets. The three drawer bin and the plastic shoebox will help you separate, organize and keep your loose articles contained. Watch this video to see these tools in action!


Organizing Your Bathroom Storage

1. Keep a separate bucket of cleaning products in each major cleaning area

2. Use a small shoebox for your mini toiletries to keep items quickly available when packing for your next trip.

3. Use 3 drawer portable cabinets under the sink for spare hair ties, brushes, makeup or contacts.

4. Keep all similar items grouped together. Only then will you see how much you own and when and if you need to buy more.

5. Your medications do not have to live in your bathroom. If you need to take them every morning, it might benefit you to keep them in the kitchen. Dry, dark spaces are the best places to store meds.

(Transcript from Newscast)
Arthelle Neville: Alright, all morning we are showing you ways to declutter and organize your house. I’m actually very organized, just for the record.

Raoul Martinez: Are you?

Arthelle Neville: Yeah I am, it’s kind of scary.

Raoul Martinez: I am too, sometimes.

Arthelle Neville: A little pathetic.

Raoul Martinez: Fox 5’s Shally Zomorodi in Leucadia this morning giving us tips for the bathroom.

Arthelle Neville: Oh good!

Shally: Hey, good morning everyone! Yes, yes, yes we are in the bathroom right now but not for the reasons you may think. We’re actually decluttering your home today. We’re invading the home of Lisa Knight who lives in Leucadia and we’ve done your closet this morning. It looks beautiful.

Lisa: Yes, thank you, I’m enjoying it immensely.

Shally: And now we are in your bathroom. Now you have quite a few challenges with keeping your home clean. Tell me about that.

Lisa: I own Orange Salon in Leucadia and I’m just about to open another salon and so I’m constantly busy but I’m a little bit anal about my house too (pardon the pun with the bathroom), but I do like to keep every drawer really tidy but I have a teenage daughter – nail polish everywhere, hands on the mirror, each drawer is so cluttered with hair dryers, brushes, combs, makeup, everywhere.

Shally: Okay, so we have Kathi Burns. We can let you go now and let Kathi do her magic. So Kathi Burns for Add Space To Your Life, she’s the founder. She’s like the organizing fairy, magic…I can’t even. Let me get up and talk to you Kathi. Okay, tell me a little bit about…this is like one of the rooms in everybody’s home, I mean it’s dirty. You open up the drawers like at parties, you’re like ooh this person’s bathroom is dirty.

Kathi: …and especially with the teenage daughter because teenage daughters don’t like to put things away necessarily.

Shally: Okay, so what are some things that we can do?

Kathi: Well my favorite number one trick always is to use these three drawer bins. We always need more drawers it seems like in a bathroom. So take for instance we have pain relief, antacids, medicines and it’s all right here stacked so it gives us more shelf space. No matter what bathroom there is, this will always fit underneath the sink somewhere.

Shally: How much does something like this cost Kathi?

Kathi: $7 and it’s made by Sterilite. I love it, I use it all the time, pretty much in any bathroom because we all need drawers. You could do like eyes, lips, and ears, you could do whatever category you need. Either way you get three categories that are itemized and organized.

Shally: I love it!

Kathi: Love that, right? The second conundrum that I see all the time in bathrooms is the travel supplies. Okay, everybody always has these little freebies right and have a thousand of these and they’re scattered everywhere. So you keep a little shoebox, I use the plastic shoebox for this all the time. You see it says “Toiletries,” the toiletry bag or actually the travel bag sits right on top so as she gets ready to go and travel she can just look in there, refill it and she’s set to go. And because it’s such a small space you can keep your collection under control. You know how much you have and you don’t want any more than one shoebox.

Shally: And these shoeboxes can’t be that expensive?

Kathi: $.99 cents.

Shally: You’re kidding.

Kathi: $.99 cents if you know where to go. $1.98 at the very most.

Shally: I love it. Labeled and all?

Kathi: Labeled and all. Well this helps for the daughter. The labeling helps her know what’s supposed to go where. Next up we have the vitamins that everybody takes so they’re in the drawer right there. And then make up, and nail polish. Nail polish is general spread all over the house so she has one area to put it in, it’s all good.

Shally: All in these little containers. So coming up in the next hour, Kathi, we are going to go into the room…I think one of the hardest rooms to organize. I’ve been trying to organize my kitchen, your kitchen, all of our kitchens – for years. So we’re going to go into there and do that and also you’re going to talk about your new book that’s coming out. Allright, that’s all coming up in our next hour. We’ll see you then!