Kitchen Organizing

Even the most ideal kitchens have their share of problems when it comes to organizing and optimizing the work space. There is always at least one problem to solve when creating the perfect storage system for your kitchen. Sometimes you have more drawers than shelves and nowhere to store large appliances. Other kitchens feature massive amounts of shelving with little or no drawer storage.

The main idea when organizing is to create zones for each type of activity; prep, bake, cook, clean etc. Try to keep all tools for each type of activity within that zone. Sometimes this is not possible and you have to get creative.

For instance, in this video the real challenge was the height of the cabinets versus the height of the client. She needed easy access to her bake ware. These items were moved a bit farther away to a low cabinet that she could reach without the help of a step stool. Even though this was not the closest zone to the oven, it was the most accessible.

So you see, there is always a compromise even the most state of the art kitchens. Professional Organizers can help you use your kitchen space with more ease and efficiency. We have seen many challenges and can create a personalized solution for you.

Here are a few good ideas to consider when organizing your kitchen.

5 Tips For an Organized Kitchen

1. Keep all papers off of kitchen countertop

2. Create zones for each type of activity ie prep, store, cook, bake

3. Keep tools for each activity within reach of that zone

4. Use large lazysusans for deep, hard to reach cupboards

5. Use stacker shelves to keep track of canned good inventory


Host: If you don’t have a lot of room… yeah then you have to be organized. Thank you Shally, we were just discussing organizing the kitchen before we get to it.

Well it’s 8:22, the kitchen can be one of the hardest rooms in the house to organize. You know what I’m talking about ,right? Well, Fox 5’s Shally Zomorodi is in Leucadia this morning showing you easy ways to clean it all up.

Shally: Hey, good morning everyone! We are reorganizing your home today. Use this holiday weekends to finally do the things that you’ve been meaning to do for a really long time. Lisa Knight, we’ve invaded her home in Leucadia. How does it feel? We did your bathroom, we did your closet…

Lisa: Tremendous, I’m absolutely ecstatic. I can’t believe that she’s done so well. I’d like to see what she can do in here. This is the challenge for me, I’m very short and I can’t reach any of the cupboards.

Shally: Kathi Burns, founder of Add Space To Your Life, she is doing some magic in this home. The kitchen is, in my opinion, one of the hardest places to get organized.

Kathi: It is, because we’re in here every day, sometimes three times a day. So do things get put back where they’re supposed to be put back? Are there zones for the different things? That’s what this is all about.

Shally: Okay, so show us some of the tips that people can do that are pretty simple.

Kathi: Okay, well what you want to do. I use this Stack A Shelf all the time, it’s from Container Store and if you stack your canned goods you can actually see what you have and if you’re going to run out. If they’re just all jammed onto a shelf parallel at the same level with each other, you can’t even tell what you have. So you go out and you buy new green beans even though you had five cans because you didn’t know.

Also for the dry goods, these are also a Container Store item. You can actually label what’s in them, this keeps them all nice and neat, bug-free, and it’s very easy to access whatever she might need for that end of it.

Shally: How much are those things?

Kathi: These are like $2 each.

Shally: Really? Now you can find these at stores, like where did you get all this stuff from?

Kathi: This is Container Store. You can get it from there; you can also do other stores. They have them all over the place. Now a zone, this is what would be called the cooking zone, right? So I divided the cooking zone even into cooking versus baking – sauce pans versus skillets. And if things are staying in each of the different levels then they’ll get put back properly. So that’s been an issue a long time with teenagers at home and where are the pots supposed to go and since they unload the dishes, you know…. You have to keep it very clear.

Shally: Or they just get shoved anywhere

Kathi: There will end up being some stickers on here that say ‘saucepans, skillets’.

Shally: I really love it, label, label! Okay, let’s move over to the dishes because I guess Lisa was having a problem with this?

Kathi: Yes absolutely. What happened was all of the bakeware and whatnot down here was up here on the top shelf. So she couldn’t access it and that’s what she used all the time. Meanwhile the china was all jammed in there and people could access it and she didn’t want it to be accessed because it was for special occasions. So all we simply did was shift the zones. So she has her bake ware down here now, which is very easy for her to get to, and then we have her china up top. So people don’t ever go into this closet; it’s a wonderful thing, it’s just for her really, and we got her a step stool.

Shally: Look at this!

Kathi: And this step stool collapses, it’s a very cool thing. She can step up and she can close it up and put it in between the cabinet and then she’s good to go.

Shally: I love it, now in the kitchen a lot of times people have little home offices too right?

Kathi: Absolutely, most do actually. And even if they don’t, the biggest source of conflict that I find between husbands and wives are papers on the kitchen counter. Seriously, it’s a big issue. So I use this vertical stepper for pretty much everybody no matter what, and within it, as the mail and as the papers come into their life, they can actually put into sections. You see we have bills to pay, coupon/offers, waiting for response, upcoming events where you put your wedding invitations and all that. This keeps things off the counter.

The whole idea is not to have things stacked but to have things vertical. And then there won’t be that much of an issue.

Shally: Got it! That’s the tip of the morning; keep things vertical. So Kathi, you have a book coming out – How To Master Your Luck?

Kathi: Your Muck!

Shally: Your Muck! I love it!

Kathi: and your luck!

Shally: Well you get lucky when your house is clean too. Well thank you Kathi for being here and Container Store did all this stuff for you?

Kathi: Container Store did all this, thank you Container Store!

Shally: And how do you feel Lisa?

Lisa: I’m delighted, thank you so much Kathi! I really appreciate it.

Shally: And her home is now decluttered. Alright, we’ll send it back to you guys!