storage before

Situation: A storage unit becomes a necessity when  a home gets renovated. Things need to be taken out of the house in order to build and redesign. VERY understandable…

Challenge: Flash forward 5 or so years – the storage unit is still packed and the remodel was completed years ago. What really is still in this storage unit? Can anyone remember? Does this sound familiar?

Solution: We dug into this storage unit and emptied out the contents. Most of the stuff was deemed useless and donated immediately. A few keepsakes were taken home to be integrated into the newly remodeled space. A few supplies were given to the local school.

The unit is now empty and waiting for some other unfortunate soul who wants to create a black hole where money goes in and nothing comes out. Any takers?

Call me if you want your storage unit to go away too. I can help!

Katy EmptyStorage