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I just graduated from college and I keep hearing that every girl should own a little black dress. I am a size 14 and feel like I will have a hard time finding a little black dress that fits. I have a few events coming up during the holidays and now want to own a little black dress. How do I go about finding this piece?

Jolene, San Marcos


Don’t get alarmed about finding a ‘little’ black dress just because you are a size 14. The majority of women in the US are a size 12 or 14. The idea behind the ‘little’ black dress is that it flatters your figure and makes you ‘look’ little.

The most important feature of your new dress — more important than its designer label or trendiness — is how well it flatters you.
Simple silhouettes like the A-line and sheath are typically the most flattering for all body types. Hemlines that end at the smallest part of your knee will flatter your legs. Not every dress cut will work for your body so you’ll need to do some quick research on your specific needs.

Finding the dress that flatters your figure is as much about playing up your best features as it is about hiding what’s not perfect.
Not sure what your best asset is? Ask a friend or significant other. Or go to a fine women’s clothing store and enlist the salesperson’s help.

The easiest way to look fabulous in your little black dress is to show off your best features. If your legs are spectacular, show them off with a short, fitted dress and stilettos. If you have gorgeous eyes, play them up with off-the-face hair, beautiful makeup and jeweled earrings.
Keep in mind that once you find that perfect dress, you will want to wear it year-round – so buy it in a silk, brocade, organza, or jersey. Fabrics like velvet and satin are best reserved for winter holidays.

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