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The Art of Finding Lost Things Becomes Easier with Less Clutter

I recently came across an article that talked a bit about clutter in a new way.

It put a smile n my face when Findologist Michael Solomon stated that there is nothing in your life that is lost, or no missing objects, simply an unsystematic search and/or clutter.

The art of not losing things within your life is to have a designated ‘home’ for everything. I am sure you have heard the phrase – ‘everything should have a home with a ‘yard’ around it’.

In case you are wondering what the ‘yard’ around it means, think of it this way; I you create a designated place for an object and it only fits that object, what happens when you add a second similar object?

Your system breaks down, right?

So having a ‘yard’ around each designated home will allow you room to grow because, let’s face it, we always grow and add more objects to our homes!

Also there is a great explanation of “The Camouflage Effect” and how to eliminate searching and not finding your lost objects!

Read more within this article, It will and make you smile and begin to feel less frantic when the day happens that you really cant find that super important item that you know you just saw!


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Organizing Your Refrigerator Can Expand Your Wallet and Reduce Your Waistline


Today I’m going to share with you the often overlooked importance of organizing your fridge.

Now, you may want to throw your hands in the air and say, “What?!

I have to organize that too?!”

And the answer is YES! But the good news is that organizing your fridge is easy, and comes with massive additional benefits.

With an organized fridge, meal preparation time can be cut in half or more.

You can also prevent over-eating and excess snacking by having limited quanitites of food in specific places within your fridge.

Additionally, you’ll be able to keep your food for the maximum amount of time without spoilage.

A clear example of this is storing salad dressings, condiments, soda or jelly in your refridgerator drawer — these items are much less likely to spoil at the lower temperatures.

Then, keep your milk and meat towards the top of the fridge, where the temperature is usually coldest.

These very simple tips can save you hundreds of dollars on spoiled food.

See how powerful simple organization is?

To discover how to live at maximum efficiency thanks to simple organization, go here now:


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3 Questions to Help Alleviate Clutter Overwhelm

Today I’m going to shed some light on your relationship with “stuff”.

Think back, for a second, about how at one point or another, your house was entirely empty.

Yet now, all around you lies “stuff” that you’ve collected over the years.

Ask yourself this honestly…

“How much of this do I need?”

“How much of this brings me joy?”

And, most importantly…

“How much of this gets in my way?”

If you find certain items getting in your way and bringing you no joy, then it only makes sense to get rid of them.

Don’t confuse this worthwhile exercise with practicing “minimalism”. Instead, it’s showing you how to identify objects that you’re merely holding onto out of habit.

Any time you feel overwhelmed in your home, look around you and ask these three questions — they can lead to outrageous and hugely beneficial change.

To your beautiful home,





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Why Being Organized Can Make You Healthier

Why Being Organized Can Make You Healthier

Having a cluttered home makes it very difficult to find what you are looking for. Living in clutter can also cause stress and other health problems. It is not uncommon for individuals to purchase furniture to help them get organized. For example, a bedroom vanity can help someone who wants to organize his or her bedroom, and it can enhance the décor of the bedroom as well.

Purchasing furniture to keep your rooms organized is a good idea; however, individuals who have excessive items in their homes tend to clutter up the shelves and top surfaces of their furniture as well as the floor space around it. This diminishes the look of the furniture, ruins the décor of the room, and causes the home to look unkempt and be unsanitary.

Many individuals have a strong desire to collect things. When buying collectibles, people do not think about the day they will have to part with these items. In fact, most people have difficulties parting with material items, particularly those with sentimental value. The inability to get rid of things that are no longer being used is the primary reason for clutter in many homes around the world.

When people fail to throw away items that are no longer in use, they tend to store them in areas of the home where there is extra space. Extra bedrooms, basements, attics, and closets are just some of the areas where people store clutter. Once these spaces fill up, individuals generally begin storing items in visible areas, including living rooms, dens, porches, and backyards. Some individuals may even purchase extra furniture for the sole purpose of stuffing them with things.

When individuals continuously purchase new items and never get rid of old items, clutter starts to build, and it builds quickly. Excessive clutter in the home often causes anxiety, and ongoing stress. Disorganization is a major cause of stress, according to many experts. The time and effort that it takes to look for items that are not easily findable can cause your heart rate to increase and making you feel flustered. According to a study performed at Yale, individuals who hoard items (or live in cluttered environments )have much higher risks of depression and can develop attention deficit disorder during adulthood.

Pests and bugs tend to gravitate towards clutter as well. Mice, rats, cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, and ants hide in cluttered areas to escape from predators. They often build nests and reproduce in these cluttered areas. Individuals exposed to their excrement can develop allergies, rashes, and unknown illnesses. The excrement created by small pests is often microscopic, making it impossible to see. Many individuals who knowingly live with these pests set traps and spray insecticides, which can lead to respiratory issues. The best way to deal with this problem is to clear the cluttered area completely to get rid of the bugs and pests.

Staying organized and periodically getting rid of excess items is the best way to keep a home free of clutter. Keeping a clutter-free home is a surefire way to ensure that your home is a beautiful and healthy environment to live in.

Miguel is an avid blogger, father of 2, and recent proud homeowner. He loves studying architecture, home design and decor and plans to one day buy a custom house plan to build his dream home.


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Women, Divorce and Clutter: How to Leave Strong!

Recently I had a golden opportunity to collaborate with a group of talented professionals during a seminar geared for women facing divorce. As you probably know, clutter has a few best friends and one of it’s closest allies is divorce. So it makes great sense to post this article to you, my readers. Many of my clients are up against this challenge as I write this post.

Remember, no matter what type of trauma you face in life, you are never truly alone! There are professionals like myself and Laura that are here to serve and help you rebuild your life after you experience big setbacks.

“We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get run over.” Aneurin Bevan

Could there be a time in a woman’s life that she is more likely to be paralyzed by chaos than during a divorce? Perhaps, but if you are in the midst of a divorce you are likely nodding your head in a way that says: “wow! I have never been this overwhelmed and disorganized, NEVER!!”

And then your “I can’t” thoughts start to take hold of your head and the nod of agreement quickly turns into a sideways twist, twist, twist, as you say to yourself “. . . No way! I’ve got things to do!! I don’t have time to organize my life. I’m just trying to survive it!! And you stop imagining the bliss of returning to a clean home and resume your anxious search for that document you know you put somewhere, while the clock exclaims: “you’re late! Again! Hurry!!”

Well you are not alone, but just because misery loves company, doesn’t mean you’re going to feel better hanging out with it!

As a divorce Coach I have the opportunity to be an “Agent of Change.” But I also know that before I can hope to help you create lasting change you have to believe that an expenditure of money or time, or even some of both will bring you so much value that you feel compelled to take action.

Okay, I know you’re busy, running late, can’t recall the last time you had a restorative sleep so I’ll just get to the point. Clutter, hoarding, and disorganization will bury your best intentions alive! A person who stashes and hoards and refuses to let go of the stuff is operating on with one or more of these assumptions:
1. I need this stuff because it says something about me. (translation: I need to obtain your approval to feel worthy)
2. I live in a world of lack, and if I don’t hang on to this stuff it will never come again. (Translation: I need it for my security, I am not capable of providing)
3. It’s my stuff and I’m doing it my way. (Translation: I m not interested in what might be best for me I’m only interested in staying in control so back off!!)

When you make space in your life, you make space for real change, new beginnings, peace, growth, and harmony. Try this “pro pro” test as a way of beginning. Ask yourself: “what are the pros of keeping this in my life? And “what are the pro’s of removing this from my life?”

If you find yourself clinging to the stuff, ask yourself a few more questions: is my fear of letting go coming from a lack or need for: approval, security or control? And could I let that go? Would I let that go? And then finally: “when?”

Don’t expect you will be able to do this alone, take off your cape, sit down, take a breath and call an agent of change. You are not alone any more.

Laura McGee

Laura McGee is a divorce Coach who supports women at every stage of their divorce process.

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Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Drawers Organized and Your Life From Overflowing

Author Kathi Burns, CPO® gives Tampa Bay 10 Connects CBS News viewers advice to help them organize their home from her  book How to Master Your Muck

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Organizing Your Bathroom Often Requires a BIG Purge

Sometimes life has a way of sneaking up on us and, before we know it, our clutter becomes overwhelming. This disorganization and clutter in this particular bathroom was a product of many factors:

#1 The client had lived in this house for a few decades.

The longer you live in one place, the more stuff you collect because you don’t have a super urgent reason to downsize. This particular home had a huge master bath with only one occupant so there was plenty of room to store the extra clutter!

#2 Health challenges made it difficult to clean and keep up with the clutter

As our health deteriorates, we sometimes lose the desire or have the capacity to create order in our life. Health challenges will almost always take priority. The tragic part of this situation is that when you are sick, this is probably the most important time to have space and a clear/clean environment. Space always makes us feel better!



#3.Being surrounded by a lot of stuff helps us to feel less lonely when we live alone.

Some people equate more stuff with greater happiness. They will try to fill the void in their life by accumulating more things.






Unfortunately, this  project was completed after the client moved into an assisted living community.

The good news is that we were able to donate all of the usable toiletries to a local women’s shelter and they were ecstatic!

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